Aphroditera MoisturizerGreat Looking Skin Is Only A Click Away

When we think about people with great skin, we think about genetics.  Wow, they must be from Italy, or Spain, or Algeria.  We hate to rain on your pity party here, but feeling sorry for your skin isn’t doing it any good.  You need to work with it, and you need to recognize when and what to give it.  It can be tough, it can be annoying, but it’s something you need to do.  But what if that process, that long, daily process was a little faster? Maybe It worked a little better (ok, maybe a lot better)?  Stop imagining things.  It’s a reality ladies, and one you can have in your hands in a matter of days.  It’s called Aphroditera Revitalizing Moisturizer.

Yeah, yeah, we’ve all used moisturizers before.  So what sets Aphroditera Cream apart from other moisturizers?  In a combination of things.  It presents a unique focus on  results, but in a way you don’t typically see in skincare.  It’s getting results quickly, and ones that last, sure.  But it’s getting them in a way that builds the skin up, instead of tearing it down.  It’s like a reverse peel!  It’s working to revitalize the structure, integrity and function of your skin for better overall appearance.  Did we mention you get to try it for next to nothing?  Because you definitely do.  See how, plus get more information on the trial when you click the button below.

Aphroditera Cream – A Godsend?

There’s a term in skincare that we’re going to use quick; miracle.  There’s no such thing as a miracle cure for wrinkles.  It’s a myth, something people make up to sell products.  There are things that work, and that don’t work.  But when we look at Aphroditera Cream, we can’t help but think of that term; a miracle cure.  It’s not a miracle, but it’s pretty close.  It’s absolutely amazing what kind of results they manage to get with just a small handful of ingredients.  The ingredients; which are at first glance unremarkable, prove their worth in unexpected ways.  Let’s look at the two that stand out, (despite being pretty common ingredients).

The Aphroditera Formula

  • Collagen Molecules – Why not just say collagen?  It’s a distinction that’s important in this case.  Using full-chain collage molecules makes Aphroditera Cream more effective.  Why?  Because they’re more available to be used by your skin for a variety of purposes.  We don’t need to explain how important collagen is to your skin’s performance, we can just tell you how prevalent it is.  Collagen makes up close to 70% of our skin, with the rest of it being comprised mostly of water.  So making sure your collagen factory is working at full capacity is a great way to improve the quality, and look, of your skin.
  • Peptides – If you haven’t heard of peptides, then look at a label in your skincare cabinet.  If it was made in the last five years, chances are it has peptides in it.  But peptide use goes back further than that.  Here’s why we like seeing it around, and in diverse forms; it works great for restoring moisture to the skin.  In fact, it’s been proven to restore moisture, and even reduce wrinkle appearance. 

How To Use Aphroditera

You’ve used a moisturizer before, it’s basically the same thing, right?  Not exactly.  The Aphroditera Age Defense Cream works in smaller quantities, and needs to be used in a fairly specific way.  Additionally, you’ll want to use an application device to get it on the skin without compromising the health of the cream.  Here’s out steps for a flawless application (and better results)

  1. Use a Q-tip or application pad of your choice, make sure it’s disposable, or otherwise sterile.
  2. Apply a small amount (pea sized) to the application pad
  3. Apply to skin, rubbing in light, dabbing circular motions
  4. Let the cream fully absorb.
  5. If any excess remains, don’t add back to the jar, apply to arms or neckline
  6. Dispose of application pad

It’s a little more than you’re used to, probably. But it’s a good technique to not only get the best results possible, but maintain the quality of the cream for as long as possible.  Another thing, if it’s your first time using the cream, don’t apply it to your face or neck (just in case you’re allergic for some reason).  We’ve heard horror stories from seemingly normal creams before, so just something to think about.

Buying Aphroditera Is Easy

Well, it’s a little different actually. You’re not buying it in the normal sense of going to a store and handing it to a cashier for checkout.  It’s an online process that you can do completely from your phone.  Pretty normal so far.  But the first time you buy Aphroditera, you’re actually just paying for shipping.  That shipping charge covers that first bottle getting sent to your address.  You have a short time to try the product out, then to send it back if it’s not right for you.  If you decide to keep it (like most trial users) you’ll get billed for that bottle as if you just went and bought it in a store.  There is one important caveat; you need to get qualified for the trial, and be lucky enough to be there while spots remain.  Sounds like something you want to do?  Click the banner to learn more.

Aphroditera Cream

The Aphroditera Trial Program

We know people are going to have questions about the Aphroditera Cream trial program, so we’re just going to answer a few questions we know we’re going to get asked. Have a different question?  We’ve got the means to answer it here.

Is the Trial Free?

No. We’ve seen this advertised by a few marketing companies, it’s misleading at best.  You have to pay for the first bottle if you keep it, and you have to pay for shipping.

How long is the trial program?

The number we’ve seen is 14 days from the day of purchase, but that could change. We encourage you to save the trial details to a desktop file when you order, or screen capture it if you’re on a phone.  This way you’ll always have the customer service contact info if something goes wrong with your order.